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Study smarter

Zeducation is an evidence-based platform that uses A.I. to tailor your learning based on your needs. With the help of machine learning, study flow is adapted to each user’s reading speed, working memory capacity, and long-term memory, to help users learn as much as possible per time invested.
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A library in your pocket

  • Works equally well on all your devices
  • Study when you have time
  • Use as an encyclopedia

Features that teach you more per minute studied

Pedagogical quantitative studies have shown time and time again that some methods increase learning more than others. All of our functionality is based on research into how to learn as effectively as possible.

Algorithms that adapt learning to the individual

We use A.I. to tailor learning to users’ cognitive ability.

Learning analytics

We present all the data about what, how, and when the user learned something - all to facilitate future learning.

Test-enhanced learning

Researchers in cognitive psychology have repeatedly shown that test-based learning is one of the most effective educational methods.

Spaced repetition

Repetition is the mother of all knowledge. We ensure that the user’s repetition is individualized and efficient.
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Thousands of satisfied students

The methodology used in the platform has been tested and evaluated for over three years by a large number of students in not only CE marking but a various of other subject areas. It has proven to be a very effective method of learning and the platform is a go-to source for continuous learning for many students.

Safety first

To us at Zatisfy, CE marking is a question of ensuring that products and factories are safe to use. Aside from our online training, we offer a range of services for factory owners and product manufacturers. Below you’ll find some of our offerings, and if you have questions regarding CE marking, please let us know.